March 15, 2017

A video tribute to Dr. Harlan Ritchie


The Harlan Ritchie Symposium at the 2017 Midwest Meeting began with a video tribute honoring the late Dr. Harlan Ritchie. The video pays tribute to Dr. Ritchie’s highly respected career, his life, and his renowned contributions to the beef industry.

The Harlan Ritchie Symposium was held during the 2017 Annual Meeting of the ASAS Midwestern Section and ADSA Midwest Branch, on March 13-15, in Omaha, Nebraska. If you were unable to attend, you can purchase access to the Virtual Meeting. The cost is $200 for Members and $350 for Nonmembers. All Midwest Meeting attendees will be able to access the Virtual Meeting, for free, as part of their registration.