April 04, 2017

Students and clubs honored at Block & Bridle banquet


The 97th National Block & Bridle Convention held its annual banquet and awards program on the evening of April 2, following a weekend of sight seeing, farm tours, and educational sessions. Here is a breakdown of the 2016-2017 National Block & Bridle chapter and outstanding member awards!

There are many photos of the award winners on the ASAS Facebook page. Be sure to visit and “Like” them! More news from the convention can be found in this Taking Stock article.

Outstanding Senior Scholarship

1st – Ellen Rankins, Auburn University

2nd – Emily Von Edwins, Texas A&M University

3rd – Morgan Richard, Louisiana State University

Outstanding Junior Scholarship

1st – Amy Middleton, Penn State University

2nd – Will Pohlman, University of Arkansas

3rd – Cami Roth, Kansas State University

4th – Alyxandria Hanson, Oklahoma State University

5th – Kayla Neiderfer, University of Delaware

Outstanding Sophomore Scholarship

1st – Savannah Pryor, Pratt Community College

(No 2nd place entry)

Chapter Activities

1st – Penn State University

2nd – University of Florida

3rd – Iowa State University

4th (tie) – North Dakota State University

4th (tie) – Texas A&M University

Chapter Web Page

1st – University of Florida

2nd – Penn State University

3rd – Iowa State University

4th – Kansas State University

5th – University of Delaware

Chapter Yearbook

1st – Texas A&M University

2nd – North Dakota State University

3rd – Virginia Tech

(No 4th or 5th place awards given)

Chapter Scrapbook

1st – North Dakota State University

2nd – University of Tennessee – Knoxville

3rd – Penn State

4th – Virginia Tech

5th – University of Connecticut