April 17, 2017

New Animal Frontiers available

The April 2017 issue of Animal Frontiers is now available online. The theme of the issue is “GMO Crops in Animal Nutrition.” View the Table of Contents. Visit the Animal Frontiers Archives.

Feature articles in the April 2017 issue include:
  • An editorial on “Human needs and future challenges,” by Rahat Zaheer and Tim Reuter
  • “The future of genetically engineered plants to stabilize yield and improve feed,” by Gaganpreet Kaur Dhariwal and André Laroche
  • “GMO crops in animal nutrition,” by J.L. Vicini
  • “Future challenges feeding transgenic plants,” by Gerhard Flachowsky and Tim Reuter
  • “Genome-edited livestock: Ethics and social acceptance,” by Tetsuya Ishii
  • “(Mis)information and the politicization of food security,” by Stuart J. Smyth, Peter W. B. Phillips and David Castle

The issue also includes society news from the European Federation of Animal Science, the American Society of Animal Science, the American Meat Science Association, and the Canadian Society of Animal Science.