June 26, 2017

Dr. Jennifer Hernandez Gifford named Western Section Young Scientist


June 22, 2017 – Dr. Jennifer Hernandez Gifford has been named the recipient of the Young Scientist Award by the Western Section of the American Society of Animal Science (WSASAS) during its annual meeting this week in Fargo, North Dakota.

Dr. Hernandez Gifford earned her B.S. and M.S. degrees in Animal Science from New Mexico State University (NMSU). She completed her Ph.D. at Washington State University (WSU) in Animal Science with an emphasis in reproductive physiology. She then worked as a Postdoctoral Research Associate at WSU.

Currently, Dr. Hernandez Gifford is an Associate Professor in the Department of Animal and Range Sciences at NMSU where she leads an active research program. A main focus of her research program is elucidating the role that the WNT/beta-catenin signaling pathway plays in follicular growth, development, and estradiol production. The long-term goal of her research program is to provide fundamental knowledge about the physiological role and mechanism of action of ovarian WNT signaling molecules in follicular development in the adult ovary.

Dr. Hernandez Gifford has authored/coauthored 19 articles in refereed journals, one book chapter, 17 proceedings papers and 43 research abstracts. She has served as major advisor for 5 M.S. students, 2 PhD students, and on 9 additional graduate student committees. Research from her lab is moving the field forward and will enable reproductive physiologists to provide novel and innovative methods to ensure economic success for livestock producers concurrent with feeding the world’s growing population.

The Young Scientist Award is sponsored by the Western Section of ASAS.

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ASAS Scientific Communications Associate


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