July 06, 2017

Image of the Week: Academic Quadrathlon


The annual Academic Quadrathlon brings together undergraduate teams from the four ASAS sections for a two-day competition involving a lab practicum, written exam, oral presentation, and quiz bowl. The Animal Science Image Gallery contains several images from the 2016 AQ.

Search the Gallery for and download more images like the one shown here of members of the 2016 Purdue University Academic Quadrathlon team demonstrating sheep hoof trimming during the lab practicum portion of the competition.

The 2017 AQ kicks off Friday, July 7, at the University of Maryland, College Park. Teams from the four ASAS sections include Penn State University, Texas Tech University, Kansas State University, and California State University, Chico.

Download or submit images to the Gallery at: www.animalimagegallery.org. There is no charge to download or submit images if you are an ASAS member.

Photo credit: Jamie Hawley, photo taken at Utah State University.