July 11, 2017

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E. J. McCoy, T. G. O’Quinn, E. F. Schwandt, C. D. Reinhardt and D. U. Thomson
Effects of liver abscess severity and quality grade on meat tenderness and sensory attributes in commercially finished beef cattle fed without tylosin phosphate
Strip loin steaks (n = 119) were used to evaluate the association between liver abscess severity and USDA quality grade and meat tenderness and sensory attributes of steaks from finished feedlot cattle. Steaks were used in a 3 × 2 factorial treatment structure using a completely randomized design and were collected at a commercial abattoir located in northwest Texas. All cattle were sourced from a single feedlot and fed a common diet that did not include tylosin phosphate. Treatments were USDA quality grades of Select (SEL) and Low Choice (LC) and liver abscess scores of normal (NORM; healthy liver, no abscesses), mild (M; 1 abscess less than 2 cm in diameter to 4 abscesses less than 4 cm in diameter), and severe (SV; 1 abscess greater than 4 cm in diameter or greater than 4 small abscesses). (continued)


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Volume 1, Issue 2

C. F. Huang, H. H. Stein, L. Y. Zhang, Defa Li and C. H. Lai
Concentrations of minerals in pig feed ingredients commonly used in China
Translational Animal Science 2017 1:126-136

N. McHugh, T. Pabiou, K. McDermott, E. Wall and D. P. Berry
Impact of birth and rearing type, as well as inaccuracy of recording, on pre-weaning lamb phenotypic and genetic merit for live weight
Translational Animal Science 2017 1:137-145

X. Lang, C. Wang, P. J. Wu and D. P. Casper
Developmental changes in fatty acid-binding protein (H-FABP) mRNA expression and intramuscular fat (IMF) content in Oula sheep
Translational Animal Science 2017 1:146-153

C. Farmer, J.-P. Martineau, S. Méthot and D. Bussières
Comparative study on the relations between backfat thickness in late-pregnant gilts, mammary development and piglet growth
Translational Animal Science 2017 1:154-159

K. J. McLean, M. S. Crouse, M. R. Crosswhite, N. Negrin Pereira, C. R. Dahlen, P. P. Borowicz, L. P. Reynolds, A. K. Ward, B. W. Neville and J. S. Caton
Impacts of maternal nutrition on uterine and placental vascularity and mRNA expression of angiogenic factors during the establishment of pregnancy in beef heifers
Translational Animal Science 2017 1:160-167

C. J. Long, L. B. Kondratovich, M. F. Westphalen, H. H. Stein and T. L. Felix
Effects of exogenous phytase supplementation on phosphorus metabolism and digestibility of beef cattle
Translational Animal Science 2017 1:168-178

E. G. Taylor, P. J. Gunn, L. A. Horstman, R. L. Atkinson, K. Herron, K. D. Johnson and R. P. Lemenager
Evaluation of forage soybean, with and without pearl millet, as an alternative for beef replacement heifers
Translational Animal Science 2017 1:179-185

E. Barba-Vidal, V. F. B. Roll, L. Castillejos, A. A. Guerra-Ordaz, X. Manteca, J. J. Mallo and S. M. Martín-Orúe
Response to a Salmonella Typhimurium challenge in piglets supplemented with protected sodium butyrate or Bacillus licheniformis : effects on performance, intestinal health and behavior 1,2
Translational Animal Science 2017 1:186-200

J. A. Carroll, T. B. Schmidt, T. R. Callaway, J. G. Wilson and J. R. Donaldson
Use of a novel oleaginous microorganism as a potential source of lipids for weanling pigs
Translational Animal Science 2017 1:201-207

M. Falls, D. Meysing, S. Lonkar, C. Liang, M. N. Karim, G. Carstens, L. O. Tedeschi and M. T. Holtzapple
Development of highly digestible animal feed from lignocellulosic biomass Part 1: Oxidative lime pretreatment (OLP) and ball milling of forage sorghum
Translational Animal Science 2017 1:208-214

M. Falls, D. Meysing, C. Liang, M. N. Karim, G. Carstens, L. O. Tedeschi and M. T. Holtzapple
Development of highly digestible animal feed from lignocellulosic biomass Part 2: Oxidative lime pretreatment (OLP) and shock treatment of corn stover
Translational Animal Science 2017 1:215-220

S. Acharya, J. P. Pretz, I. Yoon, M. F. Scott and D. P. Casper
Effects of Saccharomyces cerevisiae fermentation products on the lactational performance of mid-lactation dairy cows
Translational Animal Science 2017 1:221-228

L. C. Eastwood, C. A. Boykin, M. K. Harris, A. N. Arnold, D. S. Hale, C. R. Kerth, D. B. Griffin, J. W. Savell, K. E. Belk, D. R. Woerner, J. D. Hasty, R. J. Delmore Jr., J. N. Martin, T. E. Lawrence, T. J. McEvers, D. L. VanOverbeke, G. G. Mafi, M. M. Pfeiffer, T. B. Schmidt, R. J. Maddock, D. D. Johnson, C. C. Carr, J. M. Scheffler, T. D. Pringle and A. M. Stelzleni
National Beef Quality Audit-2016: Transportation, mobility, and harvest-floor assessments of targeted characteristics that affect quality and value of cattle, carcasses, and by-products
Translational Animal Science 2017 1:229-238


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