July 13, 2017

Gavel transfers to new president

The 2017 ASAS-CSAS Annual Meeting & Trade Show drew to a close yesterday. During the Annual Business Meeting, the president's gavel transferred from Dr. Debora Hamernik to Dr. Steven Zinn. 

Dr. Zinn thanked retiring Board members for their dedicated service to the Society.

Retiring Board members include:

President                                  Dr. Debora L. Hamernik, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Past President                          Dr. Michael L. Looper, University of Arkansas

Midwestern Section Director    Dr. Phillip S. Miller, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Director-at-Large                      Dr. Chantal Farmer, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Director-at-Large                      Dr. Mark K. Petersen, USDA-ARS                                        

Director-at-Large                      Dr. Teresa A. Davis, Baylor College of Medicine, Children’s                                                    Nutrition Research Center

Graduate Director                     Ms. Amanda K. Jones, University of Connecticut

These individuals join the ASAS Board of Directors:

President-Elect                         Dr. Todd A. Armstrong, Elanco Animal Health

ASAS Midwest Director            Dr. Ryan Dilger

Director-at-Large                      Dr. Tom A. Rathje, DNA Genetics

Director-at-Large                      Dr. Peter J. Hansen, University of Florida

Director-at-Large                      Dr. Chantal Farmer, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Graduate Director                     Ms. Bailey Engle, Texas A&M University