July 13, 2017

International honors at Annual Meeting

Post updated August 15, 2017

ASAS congratulates the recipient of the ASAS President's Award for International Achievements in Animal Science: Dr. Rupert Bruckmaier, University of Bern. Dr. Bruckmaier received his award at the 2017 Annual Meeting in Baltimore. 

Dr. Bruckmaier also is one of two recipients of the 2017 H. Allen Tucker Lactation and Endocrinology Award. This award was given to Dr. Bruckmaier and to Dr. Geoff Dahl, University of Florida, during the Triennial Lactation/Biology of Lactation of Farm Animals (BOLFA) Symposium on July 8.

Dr. Bruckmaier has been working on the physiology and endocrinology of lactating ruminants. His work has contributed significantly to our knowledge of the field of milking physiology and the importance of oxytocin and other hormones in the regulation of milk ejection. The work from his group also has contributed significantly to our understanding of the mammary immune response, including pathogen-specific differences of activation of different components of the immune system, thus explaining differences in the course of mastitis after infection with different pathogens. His studies on the metabolism of high-yielding dairy cows have shown an individually different adaptive capacity to metabolic load as a potential basis for animal breeding, but also a different endocrine adaptation to nutrient deficiency at different stages of lactation. During all research activities he has tried to support young scientists in the development of their future careers.

The ASAS President's Award for International Achievements in Animal Science is sponsored by the American Society of Animal Science.

The H. Allen Tucker Lactation and Endocrinology Award is sponsored by the H. Allen Tucker Appreciation Club.

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