August 03, 2017

Dr. Lisa Karr receives Corbin Companion Animal Biology Award

Dr. Lisa Karr is the 2017 recipient of the Corbin Companion Animal Biology Award, presented to her on July 9 during the 2017 ASAS-CSAS Annual Meeting, held July 8-12 in Baltimore, Maryland.

Dr. Karr is an Associate Professor of Animal Science at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. An award-winning teacher and adviser, she has authored 30 peer-reviewed research publications, two book chapters, and 75 Extension publications.

Dr. Karr is active in the companion animal Extension community at the national level, primarily through her involvement as Chair of’s Companion Animal Community of Practice Leadership Committee. She has given 25 presentations or proceedings at local and national conferences and meetings over the span of her career.

Dr. Karr’s work is sure to have a lasting impact on the companion animal landscape through her education of the field’s future scientists and national dissemination of Extension best practices.

The Corbin Companion Animal Biology Award recognizes research and/or teaching excellence in companion animal biology.

The Corbin Companion Animal Biology Award is sponsored by Mars Petcare.

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Media contact:

Kim Schoonmaker

ASAS Scientific Communications Associate

Photo: Dr. Lisa Karr accepts the Corbin Companion Animal Biology Award from Dr. Russell Kelley, Mars Petcare.