August 07, 2017

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R. Šárová, M. Špinka and F. Ceacero

Higher dominance position does not result in higher reproductive success in female beef cattle

Journal of Animal Science 2017 95:3301-3309

K. A. Bruno, E. S. Vanzant, A. W. Altman, M. Kudupoje, K. A. Vanzant and K. R. McLeod

A novel objective chute score interacts with monensin to affect growth of receiving cattle

Journal of Animal Science 2017 95:3310-3321

A. Madruga, E. Mainau, L. A. González, M. Rodríguez-Prado, J. L. Ruíz de la Torre, X. Manteca and A. Ferret
Effect of forage source included in total mixed ration on intake, sorting and feeding behavior of growing heifers fed high-concentrate diets
Journal of Animal Science 2017 95:3322-3330


A. C. C. Soares, S. E. F. Guimarães, M. J. Kelly, M. R. S. Fortes, F. F. e Silva, L. L. Verardo, R. Mota and S. Moore
Multiple-trait genomewide mapping and gene network analysis for scrotal circumference growth curves in Brahman cattle
Journal of Animal Science 2017 95:3331-3345

H. A. Mulder and H. Rashidi
Selection on resilience improves disease resistance and tolerance to infections
Journal of Animal Science 2017 95:3346-3358

M. S. A. Bhuiyan, H. J. Kim, D. H. Lee, S. H. Lee, S. H. Cho, B. S. Yang, S. D. Kim and S. H. Lee
Genetic parameters of carcass and meat quality traits in different muscles (longissimus dorsi and semimembranosus) of Hanwoo (Korean cattle)
Journal of Animal Science 2017 95:3359-3369

D. Lu, S. Jiao, F. Tiezzi, M. Knauer, Y. Huang, K. A. Gray and C. Maltecca
The relationship between different measures of feed efficiency and feeding behavior traits in Duroc pigs
Journal of Animal Science 2017 95:3370-3380

G. G. Santiago, F. Siqueira, F. F. Cardoso, L. C. A. Regitano, R. Ventura, B. P. Sollero, M. D. Souza Júnior, F. B. Mokry, A. B. R. Ferreira and R. A. A. Torres Júnior
Genomewide association study for production and meat quality traits in Canchim beef cattle
Journal of Animal Science 2017 95:3381-3390

I. Pocrnic, D. A. L. Lourenco, H. L. Bradford, C. Y. Chen and I. Misztal
Technical note: Impact of pedigree depth on convergence of single-step genomic BLUP in a purebred swine population
Journal of Animal Science 2017 95:3391-3395

L. Ngere, J. M. Burke, D. R. Notter and J. L. M. Morgan
Variance components for direct and maternal effects on body weights of Katahdin lambs
Journal of Animal Science 2017 95:3396-3405

J. Lee, S. D. Kachman and M. L. Spangler
The impact of training strategies on the accuracy of genomic predictors in United States Red Angus cattle
Journal of Animal Science 2017 95:3406-3414

H. Song, J. Zhang, Y. Jiang, H. Gao, S. Tang, S. Mi, F. Yu, Q. Meng, W. Xiao, Q. Zhang and X. Ding
Genomic prediction for growth and reproduction traits in pig using an admixed reference population
Journal of Animal Science 2017 95:3415-3424


R. G. Amachawadi, T. J. Purvis, B. V. Lubbers, J. W. Homm, C. L. Maxwell and T. G. Nagaraja
Bacterial flora of liver abscesses in crossbred beef cattle and Holstein steers fed finishing diets with or without tylosin
Journal of Animal Science 2017 95:3425-3434

M. Kulow, P. Merkatoris, K. S. Anklam, J. Rieman, C. Larson, M. Branine and D. Döpfer
Evaluation of the prevalence of digital dermatitis and the effects on performance in beef feedlot cattle under organic trace mineral supplementation
Journal of Animal Science 2017 95:3435-3444

I. Czycholl, E. Grosse Beilage, C. Henning and J. Krieter
Reliability of the qualitative behavior assessment as included in the Welfare Quality Assessment protocol for growing pigs
Journal of Animal Science 2017 95:3445-3454


C. Blanco, J. F. Giráldez, L. Morán, J. Mateo, L. H. Villalobos-Delgado, S. Andrés and R. Bodas
Effects of sunflower soap stocks on light lamb meat quality
Journal of Animal Science 2017 95:3455-3466


Y. C. J. Wientjes and M. P. L. Calus
BOARD INVITED REVIEW: The purebred-crossbred correlation in pigs: A review of theory, estimates, and implications
Journal of Animal Science 2017 95:3467-3478


Y. M. Kim, Y. H. Park, J. M. Lim, H. Jung and J. Y. Han
Technical note: Induction of pluripotent stem cell-like cells from chicken feather follicle cells
Journal of Animal Science 2017 95:3479-3486


Q. B. Qu, P. Yang, R. Zhao, S. L. Zhi, Z. W. Zhai, F. F. Ding and K. Q. Zhang
Prediction of fecal nitrogen and phosphorus excretion for Chinese Holstein lactating dairy cows
Journal of Animal Science 2017 95:3487-3496


B. M. S. Ahmed, U. Younas, T. O. Asar, S. Dikmen, P. J. Hansen and G. E. Dahl
Cows exposed to heat stress during fetal life exhibit improved thermal tolerance
Journal of Animal Science 2017 95:3497-3503


E. Earle, T. M. Boland, N. McHugh and P. Creighton
Measures of lamb production efficiency in a temperate grass-based system differing in ewe prolificacy potential and stocking rate
Journal of Animal Science 2017 95:3504-3512

B. R. Brunsvig, A. J. Smart, E. A. Bailey, C. L. Wright, E. E. Grings and D. W. Brake
Effect of stocking density on performance, diet selection, total-tract digestion, and nitrogen balance among heifers grazing cool-season annual forages
Journal of Animal Science 2017 95:3513-3522

P. Moriel, P. Lancaster, G. C. Lamb, J. M. B. Vendramini and J. D. Arthington
Effects of post-weaning growth rate and puberty induction protocol on reproductive performance of Bos indicus-influenced beef heifers
Journal of Animal Science 2017 95:3523-3531


C. Farmer, M. Lessard, C. H. Knight and H. Quesnel
Oxytocin injections in the postpartal period affect mammary tight junctions in sows
Journal of Animal Science 2017 95:3532-3539


J. C. McCann, J. R. Segers, H. Derakhshani, T. L. Felix, E. Khafipour and D. W. Shike
Increasing corn distillers solubles alters the liquid fraction of the ruminal microbiome
Journal of Animal Science 2017 95:3540-3551


E. M. England, H. Shi, S. K. Matarneh, E. M. Oliver, E. T. Helm, T. L. Scheffler, E. Puolanne and D. E. Gerrard
Chronic activation of AMP-activated protein kinase increases monocarboxylate transporter 2 and 4 expression in skeletal muscle
Journal of Animal Science 2017 95:3552-3562


M. Wiseman, B. McBride, J. Li, D. Wey, J. Zhu and C. F. M. de Lange
Effects of steeped or fermented distillers dried grains with solubles on growth performance in weanling pigs
Journal of Animal Science 2017 95:3563-3578

N. Horn, G. Miller, K. M. Ajuwon and O. Adeola
Ability of garlic-derived diallyl disulfide and diallyl trisulfide supplemented by oral gavage to mitigate effects of an acute postweaning feed and water deprivation event in nursery pigs
Journal of Animal Science 2017 95:3579-3590

Y. Rho, C. Zhu, E. Kiarie and C. F. M de Lange
Standardized ileal digestible amino acids and digestible energy contents in high-protein distiller’s dried grains with solubles fed to growing pigs
Journal of Animal Science 2017 95:3591-3597

J. Weir, H. Li, L. K. Warren, E. Macon and C. Wickens
Characterizing ammonia emissions from horses fed different crude protein concentrations
Journal of Animal Science 2017 95:3598-3608

T. A. Kellner, N. K. Gabler and J. F. Patience
The composition of dietary fat alters the transcriptional profile of pathways associated with lipid metabolism in the liver and adipose tissue in the pig
Journal of Animal Science 2017 95:3609-3619

M. Rodríguez, M. D. Carro, V. Valiente, N. Formoso-Rafferty and P. G. Rebollar
Effects of dietary fish oil supplementation on performance, meat quality, and cecal fermentation of growing rabbits
Journal of Animal Science 2017 95:3620-3630


C. D. Sinclair, S. K. Webel, T. L. Douthit, L. W. Murray, A. L. Jager, D. M. Grieger and J. M. Kouba
Evaluation of an intravaginal triptorelin acetate gel for inducing ovulation in mares
Journal of Animal Science 2017 95:3631-3638


C. J. Schneider, B. L. Nuttelman, A. L. Shreck, D. B. Burken, W. A. Griffin, J. L. Gramkow, R. A. Stock, T. J. Klopfenstein and G. E. Erickson
Use of a complete starter feed in grain adaptation programs for feedlot cattle
Journal of Animal Science 2017 95:3639-3653

J. J. Halvorson, S. L. Kronberg and A. E. Hagerman
Effects of dietary tannins on total and extractable nutrients from manure
Journal of Animal Science 2017 95:3654-3665

W. B. Smith, K. P. Coffey, R. T. Rhein, E. B. Kegley, D. Philipp, J. G. Powell, J. D. Caldwell and A. N. Young
Feeding distillers’ grains, soybean hulls, or a mixture of both to cows as a forage replacement: Effects on intake, digestibility, and ruminal fermentation characteristics
Journal of Animal Science 2017 95:3666-3675

T. R. Whitney
Ground Juniperus pinchotii and urea in supplements fed to Rambouillet ewe lambs: I. Feedlot growth traits, blood serum parameters, and fecal characteristics
Journal of Animal Science 2017 95:3676-3686

D. Warner, A. Bannink, B. Hatew, H. van Laar and J. Dijkstra
Effects of grass silage quality and level of feed intake on enteric methane production in lactating dairy cows
Journal of Animal Science 2017 95:3687-3700

C. Lee, R. C. Araujo, K. M. Koenig and K. A. Beauchemin
Effects of encapsulated nitrate on growth performance, nitrate toxicity, and enteric methane emissions in beef steers: Backgrounding phase
Journal of Animal Science 2017 95:3700-3711

C. Lee, R. C. Araujo, K. M. Koenig and K. A. Beauchemin
Effects of encapsulated nitrate on growth performance, carcass characteristics, nitrate residues in tissues, and enteric methane emissions in beef steers: Finishing phase
Journal of Animal Science 2017 95:3712-3726

A. W. Alemu, D. Vyas, G. Manafiazar, J. A. Basarab and K. A. Beauchemin
Enteric methane emissions from low– and high–residual feed intake beef heifers measured using GreenFeed and respiration chamber techniques
Journal of Animal Science 2017 95:3727-3737

K. E. Hales, J. E. Wells, E. D. Berry, N. Kalchayanand, J. L. Bono and M. Kim
The effects of monensin in diets fed to finishing beef steers and heifers on growth performance and fecal shedding of Escherichia coli O157:H7
Journal of Animal Science 2017 95:3738-3744

M. Costa, S. P. Alves, A. Francisco, J. Almeida, C. M. Alfaia, S. V. Martins, J. A. M. Prates, J. Santos-Silva, O. Doran and R. J. B. Bessa
The reduction of starch in finishing diets supplemented with oil does not prevent the accumulation of trans-10 18:1 in lamb meat
Journal of Animal Science 2017 95:3745-3761

Y. G. Zhao, R. Annett and T. Yan
Effects of forage types on digestibility, methane emissions, and nitrogen utilization efficiency in two genotypes of hill ewes
Journal of Animal Science 2017 95:3762-3771

K. A. Froehlich, K. W. Abdelsalam, C. Chase, J. Koppien-Fox and D. P. Casper
Evaluation of essential oils and prebiotics for newborn dairy calves
Journal of Animal Science 2017 95:3772-3782


C. L. Wang, X. Lang, P. J. Wu, D. P. Casper and F. D. Li
Development of small intestinal enzyme activities and their relationship with some gut regulatory peptides in grazing sheep
Journal of Animal Science 2017 95:3783-3791


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