September 07, 2017

Image of the Week

This week's Image of the Week from the Animal Science Image Gallery is a Holstein cow sporting a rumen cannula.

The image's description discusses the usefulness of the cannula to ruminant nutritionists: A rumen fistulated, lactating Holstein dairy cow. A soft rubber or plastic cannula can be surgically inserted under local anesthesia (spinal block) into the dorsal rumen of many species of ruminants, such as cattle, sheep, goats, or even deer. Fistulated ruminants can be used to obtain easily and repeatedly (fresh) rumen fluid for many purposes, such as: to measure rumen pH and composition, to determine VFA production rates, to obtain rumen fluid for in vitro incubations, to measure degradation rates of feedstuffs using dacron bags incubated in situ, to obtain samples of rumen microorganisms, to measure the rate of microbial synthesis or to measure the animal's salivation rate. The rate of passage of liquids and solids through the rumen can also be measured using appropriate markers.

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Photo Credit: David Marcinkowski

Rumen fistulated cow