September 29, 2017

October issue of Animal Frontiers now online

The October 2017 issue of Animal Frontiers is now online. The issue's theme is: "What is meat? Perspectives of the American Meat Science Association and the International Community."

Access the October 2017 Table of Contents to read the following articles:

Editorial: What is meat? Perspectives of the American Meat Science Association
By Anna C. Dilger

What is meat? International perspectives
By Anna C. Dilger

Introduction to the Meat Science Lexicon of the American Meat Science Association
By Dennis L. Seman

What is meat? A perspective from the American Meat Science Association
By D.D. Boler and D.R. Woerner

Meat: the edible flesh from mammals only or does it include poultry, fish, and seafood?
By Xue Zhang, Casey M. Owens and M. Wes Schilling

Categorizing processing via the Meat Science Lexicon
By C.C. Carr, J.M. Scheffler and D.D. Johnson

Importance of variety meat utilization to the meat industry
By Dan Schaefer and Travis Arp

‘Red’ and ‘white’ meats—terms that lead to confusion
By Jimmy T. Keeton and Michael E. Dikeman

Coming to terms: meat’s role in a healthful diet
By S. H. McNeill, K. E. Belk, W. W. Campbell and C. L. Gifford

International Perspectives

What is meat in Argentina?
By Enrique Pavan, Gabriela M. Grigioni, Patricia Aguirre and Marcela Leal

What is meat in Australia?
By R.D. Warner, E.P. Bittner and H. Ashman

What is meat in China?
By Rui Liu, Lujuan Xing, Guanghong Zhou and Wangang Zhang

How meat is defined in the European Union and in Germany
By Ralf Lautenschlaeger and Matthias Upmann

What is meat in Ghana?
By S. Ohene-Adjei and N. Asuming Bediako

What is meat in Italy?
By Antonella Dalle Zotte, Alberto Brugiapaglia and Marco Cullere

What is meat in South Africa?
By Sara Wilhelmina Erasmus and Louwrens Christiaan Hoffman

What is meat in Uruguay?
By S. Luzardo*, G. Brito, M. del Campo and F. Montossi

The issue  also contains society news from ASAS, the European Federation of Animal Science, the American Meat Science Association, and the Canadian Society of Animal Science.