October 05, 2017

Science and art collide: The ASAS Image Gallery

Concrete groovingThere is no doubt that the ASAS Image Gallery (the brain child of Drs. Harold Hafs, Larry Katz, Gary McCone, John Risen, Patricia Schoknecht, and Martin Stokes and currently edited by Dr. Amy Radunz) was created to help scientists access high quality images for teaching and research, but as an aside many of the images help show the underlying art and beauty associated with science and agriculture. Take for instance this weeks image submitted by Dr. Greg Lardy. On the most practical side the image shows: In confinement systems, concrete is typically grooved to reduce the likelihood that cattle will slip and fall. This image shows concrete that is grooved by rolling a pattern into the freshly poured concrete. The pattern in this image is generally diamond shaped with a groove that is approximately 0.5 inches deep. But if we just take a moment, crop and enlarge we have an abstract geometric (image changes done by Jody Boles). IMG_6200

Whether for teaching, extension, publication or art we encourage you to use one of our close to 900 images or to submit an image for peer review to be posted in the gallery. Submissions are free, peer reviewed and we can provide you with yearly use statistics for promotion and tenure.