October 09, 2017

More animal science news

Here are some recent headlines we found that pertain to agriculture and animal science.  


Animal Science in the News:

"10 faculty selected for Big Ten Leadership Programs" mentions ASAS Past President Dr. Deb Hamernik, and ASAS member Dr. Clint Krehbiel, both with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

"International beef initiative launched by Texas A&M animal science" in Oct. 7 High Plains/Midwest Ag Journal mentions Dr. Reinaldo Cooke, who joined the Texas A&M University faculty on Sept. 1. Prior to his new appointment, Dr. Cooke was an associate professor at Oregon State University.

"Supplement Promises to Create Climate Smart Cows" in Oct 6. California Ag Network.


Hot Topics in the News:

"Largest US egg producer curtails production of cage-free variety as demand wanes" in Oct. 5 Food Dive.


Recent National Agricultural News:

USDA Nominees Ibach, Northey Have 'Boots-on-the-Ground' Experience in Oct. 6 New York Ag Connection.

Ibach testifies before Ag Committee in Oct. 8 Kearney Hub