October 12, 2017

Search launched for next Translational Animal Science Editor-in-Chief

The search is underway for the next Editor-in-Chief of Translational Animal Science (TAS).

The term for the current Editor of Translational Animal Science, Dr. James Sartin, ends December 31, 2017. The TAS Editor-in-Chief (EiC) Search Committee has been charged with conducting the search and choosing the next EiC for approval by the ASAS Board.

The position of TAS EiC is critically important as the ASAS fledgling journal begins to grow. TAS is unique in scope and review process, and the next EiC will be asked to grow the journal and solidify the journal as we refine and promote this new and innovative review method.

The ASAS Board of Directors has agreed that the next EiC will be charged with:

  • Continually enhancing scientific quality.
  • Promote journal growth.
  • Refine scope.
  • Refine and promote open review process.
  • Work to determine a process to better integrate international journal submissions.
  • Work to improve journal visibility through aggressive marketing and working to increase distribution.
  • Work to integrate and distinguish TAS within the ASAS publications portfolio.

The ASAS Board has voted to continue providing the EiC with a stipend to be used at the discretion of the EiC (dollars may be used as salary as a part-time position).

You are encouraged to submit names of individuals who you feel should be considered for this position, self-nominate for consideration, and/or submit a formal application. A full application for evaluation should include:

  • A current CV.
  • A description of the candidate's editorial experience.
  • A description of the candidate’s vision for TAS and the ASAS scientific communications program.
  • The names and contact information of 3 references.

Applications are due November 13, 2017. Please address communications to the Chair of the Search Committee (Dr. Kristen Govoni, TAS EiC Search Committee) submitted electronically to the ASAS Membership Manager, Melissa Burnett (MelissaB@asas.org).

The committee will evaluate applications within 10 days of the deadline, with the intent of conducting interviews with finalists in December of 2017.

Questions concerning the search process or expectations of the position should be addressed to Dr. Kristen Govoni or Dr. Meghan Wulster-Radcliffe (MeghanWR@asas.org). Questions concerning the day-to-day operations of the journal should be addressed to Dr. Jim Sartin.


Meghan Wulster-Radcliffe