October 26, 2017

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 Animal headlines that may be of interest to you:


Animal studies could improve livestock health, biofuels production
Agriculture Canada scientists are studying beavers and pandas to determine how the animals survive on low-quality diets. The research could not only lead to advances that improve forage digestion in livestock, it could also lead to better methods of producing biofuels from plant cellulose. READ MORE IN THE WESTERN PRODUCER...
From October 25, 2017 Sigma Xi SmartBrief



Researchers narrow down genetic roots of OCD in dogs, people
Obsessive-compulsive disorder affects over 2 million Americans, and an NIH-funded study involving mice, dogs and people has brought researchers closer to understanding the role genetics play in the condition. "The findings also come as yet another reminder that we can learn an awful lot from taking into account our close relationship with our 'best friend,' the domestic dog," writes NIH Director Francis Collins.
From October 25, 2017 Sigma Xi SmartBrief