November 09, 2017

Sheep in the news...

Sheep and wool are making headlines. Here are some interesting articles we found during a quick scan of our news' sources:


New Zealand wool research projects pick up $2M in funding
Two wool industry research projects in New Zealand have received a total of $2 million in funding. One project focuses on the development of an antipollution mask, and the other focuses on determining the origin of wool. Read more in Stuff (New Zealand).
Source: November 1, 2017 Sigma Xi SmartBrief


Sheep respond to familiar human faces, study suggests
Sheep appear to recognize human faces, suggesting they are capable of complex brain functions, according to a study published in Royal Society Open Science. The sheep were trained to associate a famous face with a treat, and most sheep later recognized the face in photos taken from a number of different angles, researchers say. Read more in National Geographic online.
Source: November 9, 2017 Sigma Xi SmartBrief