December 11, 2017

Final things to remember before the holidays....

Renew your membership: 

Renew your ASAS membership in 5 easy steps.  Membership is based on the calendar year (January 1 through December 31). 

Prepare for the Southern Section Meeting:

The Southern Section Meeting has grown. View the new and expanded content. Register and secure housing!

Prepare for the Midwest Meeting:

Midwest received a record number of abstracts (over 500) and is set to once again break attendance records. To guarantee housing, we recommend making your housing arrangements before taking off for the holidays. Visit the Midwest website for housing and registration information. 

Prepare for the Annual Meeting and WCAP:

The abstract submission site for the 12th World Conference on Animal Production (WCAP) is open! Visit to submit your abstract.

The abstract submission site for the 2018 ASAS-CSAS Annual Meeting & Trade Show is open! Visit to submit your abstract.

There will be a day of overlap between WCAP and the 2018 ASAS-CSAS Annual Meeting. ASAS has combined the two meetings into one abstract system to make the submission process easier for individuals submitting abstracts to both meetings.

Continue the Spirit of Giving: 

This holiday season, continue giving to the ASAS Foundation. These gifts can have a impact for a lifetime. Most gifts to ASAS or the ASAS Foundation are to one of the many Appreciation Clubs – these Clubs are set up to honor and pay tribute to animal scientists who have made great impacts throughout their careers. The clubs serve double duty, first to honor and remind us of their namesakes and second to provide funds to directly support ASAS members!

Today, the Foundation is actively fundraising for the following clubs:

The Dr. Rodney Preston Appreciation Club: Dr. Preston asked that the funds be used to fund activities that “Keep science in Animal Science." Dr. Preston has contributed immensely to our knowledge of beef cattle nutrition, growth physiology, management, and welfare. One of the options under consideration is an annual award given to innovative research presented at the National ASAS meetings bearing Dr. Preston’s name.

The Dr. Temple Grandin Appreciation Club: Inarguably one of the most famous animal scientists in history, Dr. Grandin has worked tirelessly to identify, improve, and educate concerning animal behavior and animal welfare. Proceeds from her Appreciation Club will be used to educate the next generation of animal welfare scientists.

The Dr. Michael Galyean Appreciation Club: This club honors the contributions that Dr. Galyean has made to both animal science and to our society. The funds from the club will be used yearly to support the publication of a high impact ruminant nutrition review in the Journal of Animal Science.

The Dr. Ronald Randel Appreciation Club: This fund honors Dr. Randel’s outstanding service to the Southern Section ASAS, his dedication to graduate education, and his scientific contributions. The inaugural invited lecture occurred at the February 2017 Southern Section Meeting in Tennessee. 

The Dr. Darrel Goll Appreciation Club: Fundraising began for this club following Dr. Goll’s death to honor his memory. Dr. Goll was famous for being passionate about student development; therefore, once funded the proceeds from his Appreciation Club will be used to fund attendance at the AMSA student leadership conference.

The ASAS Foundation has many ways to give and throughout the course of a year, providing over $100,000 in direct support to members of the American Society of Animal Science. The ASAS Foundation ensures student travel, internships, international engagement, publication, awards, and the highest quality scientific programming.

As you are considering donations this holiday season, we humbly ask that you consider giving to ASAS or the ASAS Foundation.