January 04, 2018

Midwest Meeting Preview: Schingoethe Symposium

Confronting Management Challenges Associated with Increasing Automation on Dairies

The number of automated milking systems is increasing throughout the United States with a significant number concentrated in the Upper Midwest.  Early adoption of these systems was mostly limited to small to medium sized dairies, however, as the labor shortage in the dairy sector continues to grow, large dairies are implementing this technology.   In fact, it is estimated that 30% of new milking equipment sales will be robotic in the next 10 years.  The adoption of increasing automation brings forth new challenges that are often not found on conventional dairies.  Such challenges include, but are not limited to, optimizing daily cow visits, facility layout, manure management, cow comfort, footbath and lameness management, nutrition, and calf management.  Further understanding of this continually growing sector is needed by dairy consultants and academia if they are going to adequately meet the needs of these dairies. 

Join on Tuesday March 13, 2018 at the Midwest Meeting for the David Schingoethe Symposium: Confronting Management Challenges Associated with Increasing Automation on Dairies. This symposium is sponsored by the ASAS Foundation through the Schingoethe Appreciation Club.

Speakers and Titles:

8:35 AM: Nutritional Strategies for Automatic Milking Systems. J.A. Salfer

9:20 AM: Considerations for Minimizing Lameness in Automated Milking Systems (AMS). D. H. Kleinschmit.

10:15 AM: Facility Design Considerations for New and Retrofitted Automated Milking Systems. M.J. Brouk

11:00 AM: On-Farm Application of Precision Dairy Technologies. J.M. Bewley

To attend, register for Midwest. Also note, programing is supported by an Appreciation Club in honor of Dr. Schingoethe. Dr. Shingoethe's Appreciation Club is still accepting donations.