January 10, 2018

2018 Bill E. Kunkle Interdisciplinary Beef Symposium Update

This year at the Southern Section of ASAS, the popular Bill E. Kunkle Interdisciplinary Beef Symposium has returned, focusing on "Recent Advances in Replacement Heifer Development". 

The development of replacement heifers has been a continuous hot topic over the years. Attainment of puberty and age at first conception is a primary determinant of productivity in cattle. Therefore, developing a heifer that reaches reproductive competence earlier, and is bred, the greater lifetime productivity she will have. Because retaining and developing replacement heifers represents one of the largest costs in an operation, it is imperative that we continue to advance in our abilities and knowledge to develop a reproductively sound female as an addition to the herd. There are a multitude of factors that affect the attainment of puberty, body weight and age, genetics and nutritional management are only a few. 

At this years symposium scientist come together to discuss these factors and more. Please join us February 3-6, 2018 in Fort Worth, Tx at the Southern Section of ASAS for the Bill E. Kunkle Interdisciplinary Beef Symposium featuring presentations from D.L. Lalman, J.D. Rhinehart, G.L. Williams and R.S. Walker. 

Meet the speakers here:

Dr. Lalman

Dr. Williams

Dr. Rhinehart

Dr. Walker

Make sure you are registered! Housing information can be found here.

We look forward to seeing you in Fort Worth!