January 18, 2018

Southern Section Meeting Preview: Managing Baleage Production in the South

Managing Baleage Production in the South.

Recent advancements in the technology available to producers has spiked popularity in the use of baled silage for producers. There are many factors driving the use of baleage production which include a wide availability of machinery, high costs of hay barn construction, and research that has provided support to the efficacy of bale silage production (Dr. Mike McCormick). At the 2018 Annual Meeting of the Southern Section of the American Society of Animal Science, scientist come together to discuss "Managing Baleage Production in the South." 

Join us Sunday February 4, 2018 in Forth Worth featuring presentations by A.T. Adesogan, R.S. Walker and J.R. Pruitt.

Speakers and Titles:

1:00PM: Anti-Quality Factors with Forage Baleage and Grain Crop Silage. A.T. Adesogan*

1:45PM: Characteristics of and Animal Responses to Warm- and Cool-Season Forage Baleage. R.S. Walker* and J. Vendramini

2:30PM: Economics of Baleage with Consideration for Class of Cattle. J.R. Pruitt*

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We look forward to seeing you in Fort Worth!