January 22, 2018

Journal Transition Update

Journal Transition Update

Transitioning journals to a new platform is never easy and we have incurred several unexpected delays, but we are in the process of getting everything back on track. Please see below for updates:

Journal Access: As OUP is fixing membership access issues to all our journals, they have made all journals open access. If you go to the journals at the following websites, no matter your membership status you have full open access. If you are receiving messages denying access it is likely that you need to clear your cache. Access the journals as follows:JAS,TAS, and AF.

First Look: First look or publish ahead of print will begin to be available for JAS and TAS on 1/22/2018. It will take approximately a week for all articles to be up and available in this preview form.

January issues: The January issue of each journal will be released in early February, but to make sure people have access as soon as possible – we will list the January table of contents for each journal with links back to the articles in first look/publish ahead of print.

Archive: The JAS Archive is truly expansive. During the transfer the archive team has been meticulously repairing damaged files. Article/issues are being added daily. All issues from the last 50 years should be available by January 20. After that we will be adding a decade at a time, with the archives for everything back up by Mid-February.

In the meantime, if you need access to anything that is not currently online – please email staff at asas@asas.org and we will scan and send you a pdf.