February 06, 2018

ASAS Southern Section 3-Minute Thesis Competition

New this year, Southern Section student competitions took the form of  3-minute theses. Presentations were limited to 3-minutes with one static (no animation) PowerPoint slide. During the allotted time, the student had to convey the significance, methodology, results and implications of the study. Students were also evaluated on the flow of the presentation, their effectiveness to engage the audience, and their ability to communicate their research to a general audience.

Final Results

Undergraduate Student Competition:

3rd - Abstract #151, Zena Hicks, University of Arkansas.  Lean Percentage, Storage Times, and Griddle Temperature Affect Raw and Cooked Visual and Instrumental Color and Cooking Loss in Fresh Ground Beef Patties.

2nd - Abstract #140, Margaret Nagai, University of Tennessee – Martin. Effects of Postweaning Mat-Feeding Frequency on Piglet Health and Performance

1st - Abstract #147, Miranda Stotz, Tarleton State University. Calpastatin Isoforms Related to Meat Tenderness in Beef Cattle

Masters Student Competition:

3rd - Abstract #32, Emily Van Raay, Texas A&M University.  Effect of Exercise on Calf Productivity Health and Behavior

2nd - Abstract #23, Aksel Wiseman, Oklahoma State University.  Effects of Timing of Weaning on Calf Performance and Maintenance Energy Requirements in Primiparous Beef Cows.

1st - Abstract #26, Emily Melchior, University of Tennessee.  The Effect of Feeding Ferric Citrate on Rumen Microbial Communities and Methanogenesis in Growing Beef Steers.

PhD Studen Competition:

3rd - Abstract #43, Allison Millican, Texas A&M University. Evaluation of Dietary Trace Mineral Source on Markers of Cartilage Metabolism in Weanling Horses Challenged with Lipopolysaccharide.

2nd - Abstract #47, Alice Brandao, Texas A&M University.  Post –AI Supplementation with Ca Salts of Soybean oil Increases Preganancy Success in Bos Taurus Beef Cows.

1st - Abstract #42, Kelsey Schubach, Texas A&M University.  Performance, Health, and Physiological Responses of Newly Weaned Cattle Supplemented with Feed-Grade Antibiotics or Alternative Feed Additives during Feedlot Receiving.

Please join us in congratulating all of the deserving winners of this year's 3-minute theses competition!