February 21, 2018

Support the Image Gallery!!

The Animal Science Image Gallery (ASIG) is an often overlooked resource for photos and videos. Stop at the site sometime and use a key word search to look for images or browse images by subject. While you’re there, be sure to submit your images to be published in the Gallery!

The Image Gallery is located at the Journal of Animal Science and provides images, animations, and short videos for classroom and outreach learning. Photos and videos are available across a broad range of subjects, including:

Beef cattle

Companion Animals

Dairy Cattle





Other species

Pork Industry



Sheep and Goats

To supplement the visual information, each file has a description and metadata, including the origin and ownership of the image. Downloading any image within the gallery is free for ASAS members and only $5 per image for non-members. Each file in the gallery has had at least two peer reviews to optimize the image and its metadata, and to ensure that the information is sufficient and accurate.

Submitting an image to the gallery is easy! There is no submission fee for ASAS members and only a $25 fee (per image) for non-members.

There are more than 45 searchable categories in the gallery, and more than 600 images, so be sure to stop by the site and submit or download images today!