February 26, 2018

Communicating Science - Connecting Journalists with Experts

Communicating Science – Connecting Journalists with Experts

By Penny Riggs, Chair, ASAS Public Policy Committee

The American Association for the Advancement of Science has launched SciLine, as a journalist resource for scientific expertise and context on deadline. SciLine will connect credentialed journalists and communication professionals with deeply knowledgeable and articulate scientists.

This new resource offers animal science professionals a chance to register as experts and help relate science and truths about animal agriculture.  Animal agriculture faces constant threats from activist agendas. SciLine is an additional avenue for Animal Scientists to better communicate the value and nutritional benefits of animal source foods, the great lengths to which producers strive to ensure animal health and wellbeing, the processes that ensure the US has the world’s safest food supply, and the importance of basic research for animal agriculture.

As animal science professionals, we should take advantage of every opportunity to tell our story.  For more information, see the website, SciLine.org.