March 05, 2018

Midwest Meeting Update

This year at the 2018 Midwest Annual Meeting, a new symposium highlighting the interaction of nutrition, immunology and gut integrity will be held. 

Scientist will come together to discuss topics that include, feed intake and heat stress and its effects on gastrointestinal function, as well as, the integrity of ruminal epithelial and liver abscesses. 

Make sure to join us on Monday March  , 2018 for the Ruminant Nutrition Symposium: Interaction of Nutrition, Immunology, and Gut Integrity: Impacts on Cattle Health and Performance. 

Speakers and Titles:

8:35AM: Effects of Low Feed Intake on Gastrointestinal Function. G.B. Penner

9:20AM: Heat Stress, Consequences of Gut Barrier Dysfunction. L.H. Baumgard

10:15AM: Can We Quantify the Impact of Inflammation and Immune Activation on Nutrient Use and Partitioning? B.J. Bradford

11:00AM: Ruminal Epithelial Integrity and Liver Abscesses in Feedlot Cattle. T.G. Nagaraja

We look forward to seeing you in Omaha!