March 13, 2018

Midwest Program for Tuesday March 13, 2018

7:30AM:   Poster Session IV, Grand Ballroom Foyer
7:30AM:   Graduate Student Breakfast and Learn, Hilton Omaha, Saint Nicholas Featuring                   – Dr. Ronnie Green, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
8:30AM:   David Schingoethe Symposium: Confronting Management Challenges                                   Associated with Increasing Automation on Dairies, 210/211
8:30AM:   Teaching Symposium: High-Impact Educational Practices, 201
8:30AM:   Physiology Symposium: Environmental In uences during Pregnancy, 205/206
8:30AM:   Growth, Development, Muscle Biology and Meat Science Symposium:                                   Emerging Meat-Speci c Research Needs, 216
8:30AM:   Nonruminant Nutrition Symposium: Oxidative Stress in the Context of Animal                         Production, Grand Ballroom South
8:30AM:   Ruminant Nutrition Symposium: Interaction of Nutrition, Immunology and Gut                       Integrity: Impacts on Cattle Health and Performance, 203/204
8:30AM:   Swine Young Scholar, 212
8:30AM:   Nonruminant Nutrition I: Minerals, 213
8:30AM:   Nonruminant Nutrition II: Feed Processing and Ingredients, 214 Ruminant 8:30AM:   Nutrition I: Growing Cattle, 202
8:30AM:   Physiology I: Cattle, 207
9:35AM:   Extension – Swine Symposium, 212 .                                                        12:45PM: Poster Session V, Grand Ballroom Foyer                                                    12:50PM: Bentley Lecture and Lunch, Grand Ballroom North Featuring – Dr. Theo van                        Kempen, Trouw Nutrition and North Carolina State University .                  1:20PM:   Klopfenstein Lecture, 203/20 Featuring – Dr. Trey Patterson, Padlock Ranch                        Company                                                                                                      1:45PM:   Extension – Beef/Small Ruminant Symposium, 203/204                                1:45PM:   Equine Symposium: Innovative Approaches to Reach Equine Audiences, 207      1:45PM:   Breeding and Genetics Symposium: Host vs. Microbiome: Is it Genetic,                                 Environmental, or GxE?, 205/206                                                                    1:45PM:   Extension – Dairy Symposium: Feeding Dairy Calves and Heifers in the                                Midwest, 210/211                                                                                                      1:45PM:   Animal Behavior, Housing and Welfare Symposium: Managing Heat Stress,                          Swine Welfare and Welfare Measurement, Grand Ballroom South .            1:45PM:  Extension – Swine, 201                                                                                1:45PM:  Ruminant Nutrition II Feedlot Nutrition and Management, 202                      1:45PM:  Growth, Development, Muscle Biology and Meat Science, 216                    1:45PM:  Nonruminant Nutrition III: Feed Additives I: Nursery, 212                            1:45PM:  Nonruminant Nutrition IV: Amino Acid Requirements, 214                            1:45PM:  Nonruminant Nutrition V: Fiber/Enzymes, 213 .                                           5:00PM: Poster Session VI, Grand Ballroom Foyer                                                     6:00PM: Business Meeting and Awards Program, Grand Ballroom North                       7:00PM: Awards Reception, Grand Ballroom North