March 15, 2018

2018 Midwest Competition Winners

Congratulations to all the participants and winners of the 2018 Midwest competition!

Undergraduate Oral Competition I                                      

3rd Place – C. Macedo, Polytechnic State University

2nd Place – A.M. Emond, Polytechnic State University

1st Place – K.A. Thomson, Kansas State University

Graduate MS Oral Competition I 

3rd Place – A.C. Landsford, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

2nd Place – R.A.S. Navales, South Dakota State University

1st Place – E.T. Helm – Illinois State University                                                              

Graduate Ph.D. Oral Competition I

3rd Place – K.L. McCarthy, North Dakota State University

2nd Place – J.G. Wiegert, North Carolina State University

1st Place – M.B. Menegat, Kansas State University

Undergraduate Poster Competition I                                                                                                       

3rd Place – M.J. Goering, Kansas State University

2nd Place – S.L. Van Asten, University of Wisconsin- Platteville

1st Place – A.L. Smith, Kanasas Stae University

Undergraduate Poster Competition II                                                                                                     

3rd Place – S.R. Powell, University of Wyoming

2nd Place – A.E. Ratton, University of Arkansas

1st Place – E.W. Sylvester, Kansas State University

Undergraduate Poster Competition III                                                                                                    

3rd Place – M.B. Braun, Kansas State University

2nd Place – G.A. Schneider, University of Wisconsin-Plattville

1st Place – H.K. Wecker, Kansas State University

Graduate M.S. Poster Competition                                                                                                          

3rd Place – A.D. Yoder, Kansas State University

2nd Place – T.A. Damery, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

1st Place – E.L. Stephenson, University of Missouri

Graduate Ph.D. Poster Competition

2nd Place – H.H. Mansour, North Dakota State University

1st Place – H.S. Cemin, Kansas State University