March 15, 2018

Nor-Feed Award!

Nor-Feed is a French company, which produces and promotes plant bioactive extracts for animal health and nutrition. We believe that the use of such solutions are to play an important role in the future of farming and thus decided, in 2015, to create the Nor-Feed Award competition, in order to promote and encourage the great work being carried out on this topic by scientists from all over the world.
The Nor-Feed Award rewards a thesis dealing with the functional properties of characterized plants, plant extracts or plant-derived products and their applications in animal health and/or production.
The contest is open to young scientists from around the world and is endowed with a prize of € 5.000.
This year is the 4th edition of the competition, and, knowing the great opportunity this is for scientists, we would like to know if you could pass on the information to the network of the American Society of Animal Science, in order to offer the chance to as many people as possible to take part, who we could otherwise not reach to inform.
Please find attached a the small infographic summing up the highlights of the competition. For more information, scientists are encourage to visit the dedicated web page, the facebook page of the competition, or send an email to
The deadline for this year application to the competition is 30th June 2018.