March 15, 2018

The NIH and USDA Dual Purpose and Dual Benefit Webinar


Topic: Webinar on NIH & USDA Dual Purpose and Dual Benefit funding opportunity

Date: Mar 13, 2018 1:09 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

To view the webinar please click here

A list of questions that were asked at the end of the webinar is below.


After submitting the letter of intent, do the agency recommend to submit a full proposal?

How important is it to have multi institution proposals to cover the animal and human models well?

Are there any examples of successful proposals available?

Is it okay to submit the LOI wait ahead of time just so that we could figure if our proposal will be a good fit or what changes need to be made? How do these feedbacks be conveyed- via email or phone conversation?

How about a project that proposes pig as an infectious disease model? We do not see pig listed as a model in the RFP.

You had emphasized on the large animal model system, but if the proposal has a large animal model system addressing the animal health and a regular small animal model for the human health- will that meet the requirements?

Are there any plans to established a similar program after this one will be completed?

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Will this dual purpose PAR be re-issued again?

So if we focus on agricultural insects and human health, the project won't be a good fit to this program?

Do you have a specific format for the LOIs?

Is there continuity in study section members across years? If I revise and resubmit, how likely is it that the same reviewers will review my revised application?

If the program is due to be sunsetted, those grants going in this year (2018) as an A0 - will they then be eligible to go back in as an A01 anywhere?