April 12, 2018

Animal Breeding and Genetics Symposia at the 2018 ASAS-CSAS Annual Meeting

Have you made plans to attend this year’s Animal Breeding and Genetics Symposia, during the 2018 ASAS-CSAS Annual Meeting & Trade Show? This year there will be two symposia on this topic:

Maturation of genomic selection in livestock breeding programs.Presentation titles and speakers include:

- “Genomic Selection: Historical perspective and development of methods in use today” —     Dr. Matthew L. Spangler (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

- “Successful application of genomic selection in a poultry breeding program” — Dr. Rachel     Hawken (Cobb-Vantress)

- “What's next for genomic selection in dairy cattle?” — Dr. Mike Lohuis (Semex Alliance)

- “Beyond predictions: managing inbreeding and variability in the genomic era” — Dr.               Christian Maltecca (North Carolina State University)

New breeding goals in animal breeding. 
Presentation titles and speakers include:

- “New breeding goals in beef cattle” — Dr. Steve Miller (Angus Genetics Incorporated)

- “Applications for molecular breeding tools in honeybee populations” — Dr. Gertje                   Petersen (AbacusBio Ltd)

- “A broodstock program for Arctic charr” — Dr. William Davidson (Simon Fraser University)

- “Selection to mitigate heat stress in pigs” — Dr. Daniela Lourenco (University of Georgia)

- “Changing breeding objectives for turkey production - yesterday, today and tomorrow.” —     Dr. Ben Wood (Hybrid Turkeys)

- “Breeding for Efficiency: investigating dairy cattle efficiency traits and future                           implementation strategies” — Dr. Caeli Richardson (La Trobe University)

Don’t miss these exciting symposia and all of the additional symposia at the 2018 ASAS-CSAS Annual Meeting & Trade Show. Register today!

Meeting Details

Housing Deadline - June 18, 2018

ASAS-CSAS Annual Meeting Dates - July 8-12, 2018

World Conference on Animal Production (WCAP) Dates - July 5-8, 2018