April 12, 2018

New Animal Frontiers Issue

A new issue of Animal Frontiers is out! Take a look at the featured articles below. 

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- Consumer acceptance of livestock farming around the globe 
Gesa Busch; Achim Spiller
- Public animal welfare discussions in the United States: perspectives from a Missouri farm boy turned economist 
Glynn T Tonsor
- Perspectives of farmers and veterinarians concerning dairy cattle welfare 
Christine L Sumner; Marina A G von Keyserlingk; Daniel M Weary
- Public animal welfare discussions and outlooks in Australia 
Grahame Coleman
- Animal welfare, consumer welfare, and competition law: The Dutch debate on the Chicken of Tomorrow 
Jacqueline M Bos; Henk van den Belt; Peter H Feindt
- Pictures in public communications about livestock farming 
Gesa Busch; Achim Spiller