May 09, 2018

Journal Transition to OUP Update

American Society of Animal Science Journals Transition to OUP “Seems to Be” Complete

Last fall the American Society of Animal Science (ASAS) Board of Directors opted to move our suite of journals to Oxford University Press, with the goals of 1) increasing journal visibility and 2) guaranteeing the journals are housed on a modern platform and 3) to enhance journal profitability. The decision was made late and the year and all journal transitions are hard – opting to transition in the last quarter of the year enhances the complications, But as of May – journals are transitioned and back on track – and we are already seeing benefits with the transition – here is an update on each journal as of today:

Journal of Animal Science (JAS)

  • Change to OUP resulted in more traditional publication date, new issues of JAS are now coming out the first week in the month (previously ACSESS was publishing new issues at the end of the month)
  • During the transition, new issues were intentionally smaller to allow us to process quickly, with work flows established, we are back over 40 papers per issue
  • Creating new and creative marketing campaigns including Rabbit Collection and Virtual Journal Derby
  • Time to publication (submission date to full issue publication) is approximately 5.5 months
  • Beginning to educate authors and membership on new journal metrics: alt metrics
  • Increased the number of articles that are summarized in interpretative summaries in Taking Stock and on Facebook (articles with interpretative summaries are being accessed an average of 5 times more than those without summaries)
  • Shortened and streamline instruction to authors
  • Preparing for a transition to our new EiC in July: Dr. Sally Johnson

Translational Animal Science (TAS)

  • The journal is quarterly and we are in the process of closing the 2ndquarter and 3rd quarter issue is slated to come out at the beginning of the 3rd quarter versus the end
  • Accepted into SCOPUS
  • Currently moving forward making sure listing in Pubmed
  • Started the process to achieve ISI indexing
  • Increased organic submissions
  • Publishing reviews as supplemental data to guarantee review transparency in a Open Review process
  • Preparing for a transition to our new EiC in June: Dr. Jim Oltjen

Animal Frontiers (AF)