May 13, 2018

Call for Late-Breaking Abstracts

2018AnnualCall for Late-Breaking Abstracts, the deadline to submit your late-breaking abstract is  3:00 PM CDT on Thursday, May 17, 2018. Authors are encouraged to submit their abstracts to both the ASAS-CSAS Annual Meeting and the Word Conference on Animal Production.

Submit your abstract online in one of the following categories:

- Late-Breaking ASAS-CSAS Annual Meeting General
- Late-Breaking WCAP: A picture is worth a thousand words - challenges in communication    between agriculture and the public
- Late-Breaking WCAP: Animal well-being challenges for today, opportunities for tomorrow
- Late-Breaking WCAP: Challenges and opportunities in animal health
- Late-Breaking WCAP: Genetic improvement in developing countries: mission impossible?
- Late-Breaking WCAP: Higher food safety to enhance consumer confidence
- Late-Breaking WCAP: Precision Livestock Farming to increase producers' profitability

The abstract text is limited to 300 words. This does not include the title, tables or keywords. Do not double-space between sentences as this extra space is considered an additional word in the count within the Abstract Text Box.

Table guidelines - tables are added as a PDF during the abstract submission process.  This allows for a consistent display within the Meeting App and Meeting Website.

To view instructions on how to submit an abstract please visit the following link. Any additional questions may be submitted to Justin Bartlett,

Abstract quality standards

Competition guidelines