May 19, 2018

Update on Conjugate Driven

Conjugate Driven

Conjugate DrivenIn the weeks following the Kentucky Derby, we received confirmation about this young bloke.  Indeed, no liposuction, but another bout of bacterial lipopolysaccharide.  He has surprised everyone with a full working recovery, but his early onset of osteoarthritis has propagated.  Sources leaked risqué images revealing what appears to be sections of narrowing joint space and coral reef-like material implanted within multiple joint capsules.  Some say bone spurs and cysts, but others say it bears resemblance to The Great Barrier Reef…which is dying.  We only hope this is not foreshadowing the horse’s fate.  Trainer, Linol A. C. Id, is staying positive claiming an increased regimen of conjugated linoleic acid is sure to fluff up the remaining joint space.  His latest designed training program starts with a slow steady warm-up proven to ease out the creakiness in the joints before opening the horse up to full throttle.  Confidence is key and Linol is certain his horse will be sliding across the finish into first.  Second time a charm for a good sob story.