May 19, 2018

Update on ROS Bashing

ROS Bashing

ROS BashingJust shy of claiming the Derby title, ROS Bashing gave the winner a fair run for her money.  Trainer Seth Sullivan was pleased with his colt’s performance, but in the Racing Industry, if you’re not first, you’re last.  Gone, lost, and forgotten as evidenced by his lack of mitochondria preventing him from seizing the win.  Determined to snag the Preakness, Sullivan has increased levels of selenium in ROS Bashing’s diet further encouraging procreation of the mitochondria in the muscle cells.  Sullivan wants to be certain there is no room for reactive oxygen species to take over.  The intermittent weeks have shown solid workouts with preparatory light breezes in the morning dew.  In addition to selenium, Sullivan says conserving the horse’s energy will generate additional mitochondria ROS Bashing can pull from if his supply runs low.  Talk about some third grade logic again, but spectators eager to watch morning exercises can find this colt running with jockey astride chanting, “Mito-chon-dria. POWER HOUSE OF THE CELL!” over and over.  When logic runs low, rely on witchcraft and wizardry…it did save Harry Potter after all.