May 19, 2018

Update on Wandering Soul

Wandering Soul

Wandering SoulA bit perturbed by how events unfolded at the Derby for Wandering Soul, Kurt Kortisol has had to revamp his training protocol.  In the weeks leading up to the Preakness, he has found it necessary to reduce the amount of transportation time for warm-up.  Due to the surprise factor caused by the methane explosion, Wandering Soul’s heart starts pumping to race day levels as soon as he sees other horses on the track.  It has been several stressful weeks finding a routine suitable to enhance this colt’s performance, but Kortisol believes a short cruise is still important to pump out the necessary plasma glucose.  Though the Derby threw quite a wrench in his famed warm-up routine, he has found comfort in no longer having to report his carbon emission levels to the EPA due to his excessive trailering habits.  There is a silver lining to everything and he believes it will be caused by a trophy proclaiming Preakness winner.