May 24, 2018

New Feature: Article Split View for Journals

New Feature: Article Split View

Article Split View, an enhanced article experience, is now available for all journals on the Oxford Academic platform. Article Split View allows users to enjoy a more focused reading experience with parallel presentation of secondary content like images, tables, and references.

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Journals can present an article-centric reading experience in which outward links and extra features are minimized, allowing users to access the core article content and supplementary materials in side-by-side panels. Users can easily navigate from linked references, figures, and tables in the article directly to the relevant item in the secondary tab without leaving the main body of the article. Independently-scrolling panels also allow users to browse all figures and tables or references apart from the article text.

User Journey

Accessing Article Split View

 Users must proactively click the Split View button every time they want to access that view:

  • Split View is intended to allow the user to focus on the article content and therefore removes from view some

    features available in Standard View, e.g. out-of-article navigation, branding, and advertising.

  • If users wish to view article metrics, set up alerts, view related content in external repositories, or view most read/cited/latest articles, they must return to Standard View.

  • If users wish to run a search or explore any other page on the Oxford Academic platform, they must return to

    Standard View.

  • To return to Standard View, users click the Standard View button in article toolbar.

    Contents tab

    The Contents tab is the default secondary tab when Split View is selected and displays the article table of contents. Clicking items in Contents will:

    1. Jump to the article section in the main tab OR

    2. Open the relevant secondary tab if the user clicks “References"

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    Figures & Tables tab

    The Figures & Tables tab will only appear for articles containing figures and/or tables. When users click on a figure or table link in the main article text, the secondary tab jumps to the correct figure or table.

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    References tab

    The References tab displays the full article References list along with relevant outward links to search services like Google Scholar, CrossRef, and PubMed. When users click on a reference link in the main article text, the secondary tab jumps to the correct reference.

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    Live May 8, 2018!

    Article Split View will be available on the Oxford Academic platform beginning on 8-May-2018. Journals should contact their OUP publisher with any questions or comments.