June 01, 2018

USDA Unveils Prototypes for GMO Food Labels, And They're Confusing

A recent article highlighted in the Science Policy Report, published by NPR, describes new prototype labels for GMOs. 

Foods that contains genetically modified ingredients will soon have a special label. This is the product of a decades-long fight between anti-GMO campaigners and Big Agriculture companies, which left neither side completely satisfied. After Congress passed a bill in 2016 requiring labels on foods containing GMO ingredients, the USDA launched a long process to figure out the specifics. When it asked for feedback, it received 112,000 responses from consumers, farmers and manufacturers, among others. The result? There are a few options, and they look kind of like the labels you'd see on health food. They're brightly colored, with greens and blues and yellows. They feature the letters B-E. Below that, some of them have a curved line.

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