June 06, 2018

Update on Aging Gracefully

Aging Gracefully

Aging GracefullyHearts broke as Aging Gracefully slipped down the ranks during the Preakness and hopes for a Triple Crown Winner now elude the research community this year.  Mutterings foregoing the Belmont to pursue motherhood have been expressed, but it appears Aging Gracefully has opted for planned parenthood at a later date.  When confronted as to why Trainer Ell thought his mare still had a shot for running, he stated, “Every night in my dreams, she told me, she showed me, that is how I know she’ll go onnnnnn.”  Ell insists her satellite cells simply lost Earthly connection in her body due to stormy weather conditions.  Poor signal coupled with a drastic loss of fast twitch fibers forces this mare to rely on the few slow twitch fibers of her youth.  Will that be enough to sustain the famed Belmont?  It may seem a bit risky, but Ell is adamant that, “Near, far, wherever she is, I believe that her heart will go oooonnn and onnnnnn…”  As spectators, we must remember, there was indeed room for Jack on that float…we only hope Aging Gracefully can shimmy her way on for the win.