June 06, 2018

Update on Conjugate Driven

Conjugate Driven

Conjugate DrivenThird time a charm, but the odds for this colt have gone from unfavorable to almost impossible.  Those leaked photos remain forever burned in spectators’ retinas giving rise to some of the most magnificent Great Barrier Reef photography existing in a joint capsule.  Trainer Linol A. C. Id has refused to give up hope concocting a new innovative approach for treatment.  With such an onset of osteoarthritis, he believes there may be too much interleukin-1 action taking place within the tissues.  A little IRAP (Interleukin-1 receptor antagonist protein) it is!  He hopes this might summon enough anti-inflammatory proteins to reduce parts of the pain causing Reef-like build up.  Word on the veterinarian street says IRAP is not recommend for horses with severe cartilage loss, but considering the Preakness only saw minimal sections of coral flying, seaweed spilling, and a few claims of finding Nemo…wear and tear will only tell for the response this boy has.