June 06, 2018

Update on ROS Bashing

ROS Bashing

ROS BashingFeeling a bit distraught at a second failed attempt, Trainer Sullivan has taken desperate measures in response to the threat of veterinarians pulling his license if he were to increase selenium uptake in his horse further.  The mitochondrial cells appear to be just short of what is needed to pull a win.  Upping his logic to 7th grade smarts, he has evaluated other organelles to target.  Perhaps a ribosome or Golgi body?  Maybe the nucleus for a stab at some collegiate level logic centering on mutational translation/transcription genetic engineering action to change up his running style?  Sullivan has remained stealthy in his plans, but insider information hints at chloroplast injections giving a whole new take on what it means to be a “green” horse.  Wizardry chanting is sure to subside with a new field in Veterinary Medicine emerging to study the function of solar powered ponies. “Pho-to-syn-the-sis!!”