June 06, 2018

Update on Wandering Soul

Wandering Soul

Wandering SoulDefying the social norms of a typical horse, Wandering Soul appears to revel in tight quarters and fear fellow equines putting his career in quite a pickle.  A nonexistent start in the Preakness has raised concern as to whether this colt is truly fearful of his four-legged friends or perhaps his plasma glucose was too low stopping him from putting his best hoof forward.  Members of the gate crew also clearly recall a minor bout of tachycardia as the other horses sprung loose.  Trainer Kortisol admits he is baffled but sees this episode as a minor hiccup to his plan.  He has spent the interim weeks dosing the colt with calcium channel blockers, bargaining back some of his CO2 emission shares, and enlisting the advice of Trainer Carb on a pro starch diet plan.  Race fans can be certain Wandering Soul will be chauffeured to a win via a little air ride suspension prior to loading in the start gate.