June 24, 2018

Agricultural Biosecurity Coordination Network Funding

Agricultural biosecurity coordination network funding

NIFA recently announced a new funding opportunity for establishing an agricultural biosecurity coordination network as part of the request for applications (RFA) for the AFRI Foundational & Applied Science Program.  The program anticipates that one project will be supported during FY2018, with a maximum total budget of $1 million for up to five years.

The program area priority is for tactical sciences (as defined by NIFA) that are sicientific assets that protect the integrity, reliability, and sustainability of the U.S. food and agriculture system from an array of known and potential threats from pests and diseases impacting plants and animals.  Current tactical science efforts are supported and conducted by a variety of public and private organizations, and NIFA provides research, extension and education support in three broad areas:

  • Detection and diagnostics;
  • Regulatory systems; and
  • Development and deployment of new tools and management strategies for crop and animal protection

Further details in the full RFA can be downloaded here.  Note that the RFA includes a July 24, 2018, deadline for submission of a letter of intent to submit a proposal.  The submission of a letter of intent is optional, however, applicants are encouraged to submit a letter of intent so that NIFA can begin recruiting peer review panel members who are not associated with project proposals.  Please note that the email address provided for letters of intent should only be used for that purpose.  Please direct questions about the program to Dr. Rubella Goswami (rubella.goswami@nifa.usda.gov) or Dr. Peter Johnson (pjohnson@nifa.usda.gov).