June 24, 2018

Interested in the ASAS Public Policy Committee?

Interested in the ASAS Public Policy Committee?

By Penny Riggs,

ASAS Public Policy Committee Chair

The ASAS Public Policy Committee (PPC) was formed in 2009 to help ASAS shape public policy and public opinion related to all aspects of food animals and companion animals by engaging policy makers.  The committee has been actively involved in a variety of activities:

  • Taking Stock DC is published monthly, on the last Monday of each month, and includes policy updates and requests for comment, reviews and commentary on relevant whitepapers, research funding priorities, policy discussions, and Washington, D.C.-related activity.
  • This year the policy committee has contributed to letters of support and educational information important for issues that have arisen during the farm bill process – for example, research funding for the Agricultural Genome to Phenome Initiative is proposed in current versions of the bill, along with other research priorities important for animal science.
  • The ASAS Grand Challenges documents are developed by the PPC to clearly articulate ASAS priorities, to provide science-based information for shaping public policy, and to enhance future funding for research and education programs in animal science.
  • Snack and Fact briefings are hosted in Washington, D.C. by PPC members to highlight topics from Animal Frontiers. During these informative briefings, U.S.-based researchers and authors present overviews of current issues, relevant to livestock production and companion animals, to congressional staff members on Capitol Hill. In the past year, topics included the microbiome, performance-enhancing technologies, and genomics.
  • The ASAS Science Policy summer intern program is generously supported by the ASAS Foundation through the Appreciation Clubs for Bob Zimbelman, Harold Hafs, Barb Glenn, Jack Britt, and Louis Boyd. This program is facilitated by the PPC.
  • The committee makes visits to Capitol Hill, as well as to D.C.-area industry and federal funding agency to discuss issues that affect the animal industries, research, and other topics, and to work with these agencies to assist members in leveraging more federal research dollars.
  • Policy Statements that have been adopted by ASAS were written or updated by PPC members.
  • The PPC responds to federal requests for comment regarding new policies. In conjunction with the ASAS board, may support signing on to letters with other organizations, encouraging investment in animal science research, or opposing detrimental policy.
  • The PPC also assists with workshop development at the annual meeting (e.g., the communication workshop in 2016, and the 2017 ASAS-ASN pre-conference symposium on food security), Innovate, Congressional Visit Days, and other events.

For 2017-18, committee members include: Mike Azain, Casey Bradley, Russell Cross, Teresa Davis, Wendy Powers, Janice Swanson, and Penny Riggs.

Do you want to be more involved in ASAS policy activities? If you would like to participate in the ASAS Public Policy Committee for the coming year, please contact Meghan Wulster-Radcliffe or Penny Riggs.