January 07, 2019

*New* Animal Frontiers Online

A new issue of Animal Frontiers is out! Take a look at the featured articles below. 

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-Climate change, future warming, and adaptation in Europe Massimiliano Pasqui and Edmondo Di Giuseppe
- Heat stress: physiology of acclimation and adaptation Robert J. Collier, Lance H. Baumgard, Rosemarie B. Zimbelman, and Yao Xiao
- The impact of climate change on extensive and intensive livestock production systems Jean M. Rust
- Impact of climate change on animal health and welfare Nicola Lacetera
- Impact of heat stress on cow reproduction and fertility David Wolfenson and Zvi Roth
- Impact of heat stress on milk and meat production Andrea Summer, Isabella Lora, Paolo Formaggioni, and Flaviana Gottardo
- Adaptation strategies: ruminants John B. Gaughan, Veerasamy Sejian, Terry L. Mader, and Frank R. Dunshea 

- Heat stress adaptations in pigs Edith J. Mayorga, David Renaudeau, Brett C. Ramirez, Jason W. Ross, and Lance H. Baumgard

-  Selecting for heat tolerance María J. Carabaño, Manuel Ramón, Alberto Menéndez-Buxadera, Antonio Molina, and Clara Díaz

-  Livestock and climate change: impact of livestock on climate and mitigation strategies Giampiero Grossi, Pietro Goglio, Andrea Vitali, and Adrian G. Williams