February 18, 2019

WSASAS Call for Papers

Call for Western Section Abstracts and Proceedings Papers

We are now taking Western Section Abstracts and Proceedings. Submissions will remain open through April 4, 2019.  Please note the following instructions and guidelines:

  • WSASAS is accepting submission of Proceedings or Abstracts.
    • Proceedings will be scheduled for ORAL presentation only.
    • Abstracts will be scheduled for POSTER presentation only.


All WSASAS Proceedings, for regular Oral Sessions orGraduate Student Competition, must be submitted via the Translational Animal Science(TAS) platform at https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/asas-tas. If you do not have a TAS account with Manuscript Central (ScholarOne), please create one.

  • All procedures regarding submission, copyright release, page charges, and manuscript proofing will follow TAS standards, which are similar to the Journal of Animal Science.
  • At the submission site, create an account or login using your TAS User ID and Password. Once logged in, click Author on top tool bar followed by Start a New Submission on the left hand toolbar.
  • Select Western Section Proceedings as manuscript type, and follow all instructions for submission.
  • When asked, there is NO need to provide a cover letter or reviewer suggestions. The WSASAS program committee will assign your submission to the appropriate Oral Session.
  • Submission should be completed following TAS Style and Form, see https://academic.oup.com/tas/pages/General_Instructions. The submission process should be completed as if you were submitting a regular manuscript for publication in TAS. Please DO NOT submit a PDF file as in previous WSASAS meetings.
    • Submissions should follow TAS guidelines and include an abstract (max 2,500 keystrokes). However, abstracts will not be published so WSASAS Proceedings are not considered journal articles by indexing groups. Abstracts will be included in the WSASAS Meeting App within the schedule of oral presentations.
    • Submissions are LIMITED to 20,000 keystrokes(characters and spaces)including title page, abstract, all text, tables, figures, captions, and references. This limitation will prevent issues with text duplication, originality, and subsequent publication of the research in scientific journals.
    • If your proceedings paper is being submitted for the Graduate Student Competition, please write Competition at the beginning of the Running Head.Graduate competition papers should include an IMPLICATIONS section after Results and/or Discussion.
  • A pop up will alert you to the $100 standard submission fee, which is mandatory and not refundable if the submission is rejected. 


All WSASAS Abstracts, including for General Poster Sessions and Undergraduate Student Competition, should be emailed as a Microsoft Word Document to westernabstracts@asas.org. You will receive an automated response acknowledging submission; please save that for your records.

  • Abstracts should be also prepared following TAS Style and Form, see https://academic.oup.com/tas/pages/General_Instructions.
    • Abstracts should consist of NO MORE than 2,500 keystrokes in one paragraph, and contain a summary of the pertinent results with statistical evidence (i.e., P-values). Abbreviations in the abstract must be defined at first use.
    • Please organize your abstract submission in the following order:
      • Title of abstract.
      • Name of authors(e.g., T. E. Smith; no title, positions, or degrees) and institutions, including:
        • The department, city, state or country, and ZIP/postal code.
        • Affiliations footnoted according to TAS Style and Form.
    • At the bottom of the document, please list up to 6 keywords in alphabetical order and separated by commas.
    • If your abstract is being submitted for the Undergraduate Student Competition, please write Competition above the abstract title.
  • Abstracts submitted to General Poster Sessions will also be charged a $100 standard submission fee, which is mandatory and not refundable if the submission is rejected. Authors will receive an invoice upon abstract submission.This fee will be waived from Abstracts submitted to the Undergraduate Student Competition.
  • Abstracts will be included in the WSASAS Meeting App, and will be published in the Journal of Animal Science.

Western Section Proceedings papers are limited to 4 journal pages, this equates to approximately 500 words per page with space for figures and tables. Because every paper is different, we cannot give you exact numbers. However, if your proceedings is significantly above 4 printed pages, we will charge $100 per additional page.

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