March 04, 2019

Midwest Meeting Preview

Gary Allee Symposium Preview

The 2019 ADSA-ASAS Midwest Annual Meeting  is fast approaching! Don’t miss out on the exciting Symposia at this year’s Meeting. Take a peek below for a preview of what’s to come during the Gary Allee Symposium on Monday, March 11!

The Gary Allee Symposium starts off with a presentation that addresses stressors and their impacts on pigs during weaning. These stressors commonly include weaning transition, diet changes, vaccinations and more. Ultimately, to improve performance, identifying these stressors and their outcomes will be valuable.  In addition, pre-weaning piglet mortality levels are increasing in US herds and continue to be a common challenge for producers. To minimize pre-weaning mortality, producers will need to use system-based approaches involving genetic selection and optimal management practices.

It is common in the industry to provide vitamin inclusion rates in excess of requirements. However, due to changes in the animal, i.e. genetics, these inclusion rates may not be meeting the requirements. A recent study will be presented that addresses this issue and hopefully begin the conversation regarding the level of vitamin supplementation, its impact, and new reference values.

Titles and Presenting Authors:

  • -Impact of weaning stress, disease, and diet on pig performance, intestinal function and integrity – Nicholas Gabler
  • -Observations on pre-weaning piglet mortality – Michael Ellis
  • -Feed, feeding levels, and tissue analytics of Vitamins: Observations from the field – Buddy Hinson
  • -Building a production nutrition department in an integrated production company: critical pillars for our success – Kyle Coble


Meeting registration information can be found here. For more information on other symposia, visit our website where you can find the program online!


We look forward to seeing you in Omaha, Nebraska!