March 07, 2019

JASEdits: A Successful Experiment

JASEdits: A Successful Experiment!

After an analysis of 5 years of papers rejected from the Journal of Animal Science, the ASAS Board of Directors opted to begin a small editorial service called JASEdits to help authors of high quality science get papers accepted that were otherwise being rejected from JAS for “writing issues”.  JASEdits provides 3 levels of service: 1) formatting, 2) English as a second language editing and 3) developmental editing services. To date, JASEdits has processed 83 papers and we are happy to announce that more than 60% of the papers that go through JASEdits move on to be accepted in JAS or TAS. We have been able to track an additional 18% of articles that were published in other journals. In addition, JASEdits is able to process the majority of articles in under 4 weeks. 

JASEdits information can be found here