March 07, 2019

Midwest Meeting Preview

Physiology Symposium 

The 2019 ADSA-ASAS Midwest Annual Meeting  is fast approaching! Don’t miss out on the exciting Symposia at this year’s Meeting. Take a peek below for a preview of what’s to come during the Physiology Symposium on Tuesday, March 12!

The age at which puberty attainment occurs in heifers can be indicative of her lifetime reproductive performance. The earlier puberty can be attained, the earlier she can be bred and subsequently the early she will calve. However, there are some heifers that exhibit irregular cycles, are less fertile, and often are anovulatory. Andrea Cupp will discuss the relationship of early onset puberty and excess androstenedione in follicular fluid. They have hypothesized that the high androstenedione in heifers is causing a reduction in fertility. In addition, Rodolfo Cardoso will discuss how genomic imprinting, biochemical and morphologic alterations in the hypothalamus during key periods of brain development while optimizing other aspects of growth and performance in heifers.

Don’t miss out on these exciting talks.

Titles and Presenting Authors:

  • Attainment and Maintenance of Pubertal Cyclicity May predict High A4 cows with Reduced Fertility – Andrea Cupp
  • Genomics of age at puberty in gilts – Daniel Ciobanu
  • Neuroendocrine Pathways and the Nutritional Control of Puberty in Heifers – Rodolfo Cardoso


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We look forward to seeing you in Omaha, Nebraska!